Jesse and Leanna - Anniversary Session

If you hang around me for long enough you will no doubt hear me say, "married couple deserve photos too!" After all, portrait sessions are such a fantastic way to celebrate and remember each stage of your life. That, and who doesn't want to get dressed up for a date night and actually be able to look back at a non-selfied picture of how awesome your hair, nails, and outfit were? I know I'm not putting in that much effort without someone there to remind me that I got out of my old trusty blue jeans and a t-shirt for once. 

Jesse and Leanna have been friends with my husband since they were kids, so I was thrilled to be able to document their love in this anniversary session. I don't know if I could have asked for a better couple to traipse around downtown Fuquay with after we snuck in a few with Diezel (their adorable bulldog) at their house! To top it all off,  we ended our session with dinner at the Mason Jar Tavern. 

Looking at these images, I can't help but imagine my clients homes with staircases filled with pictures from their wedding day and then every.single.anniversary they celebrate for the next 60+ years. How cool would that be? Let's get to documenting!