Chelsey and Dave - Duke Chapel and Cotton Room Wedding

We all know that true love radiates with an inexplicable kind of warmth. Dave and Chelsey's love shone with both invisible and visible warmth as they snuggled to stay warm on a chilly January afternoon. It was clear all day long that the warmth between these two is the kind that burns with a long, lasting, and steady kind of flame. There couldn't have been a more beautiful place for the two of them to get married than inside the amazing Duke Chapel. Surrounded by radiant stained glass, beautifully carved wood, and magnificent stone, the setting for Dave and Chelsey's wedding completely summed up exactly what marriage should be. Surrounded by light, being carved together, and supported by quiet strength and a resolve to say "I do" each and every day. These two danced the night away (really though) at The Cotton Room surrounded by such a fun group of family and friends. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes the two of them, as I know that God has plenty of adventures in store for them. Congratulations to Chelsey and Dave and your lovely wedding! 

Danielle Smith1 Comment